Bon Bon Ice, Frederiksberg’s unique ice cream parlour in beautiful surroundings, right next to Frederiksberg Gardens.

Our homemade gelato is organic, and made from high quality products, supporting local businesses where possible.

We are very eco-conscious and our packaging is sustainable. Our cups and spoons are all compostable, without compromising on the quality.



At Bon Bon Ice, we believe that the best ice cream is made with high quality ingredients.

Real hazelnuts for hazelnut ice cream, nothing but pure Sicilian pistachios in our best selling pistachio and organic strawberries in our sorbet. Everything in the store is made by sourcing the best organic ingredients, ensuring that our gelato and sorbet is free of artificial flavours, and additives.


We love creating new flavours and combinations. Only our most delicious and creative flavours are on display in the shop. If a flavour does not live up to our high standards, it is quickly discarded, and we start again from scratch. 

Some of our exciting flavours that have proved very popular with customers are; White Chocolate and Basil, Rødgrød med fløde, Rye Bread Gelato, Lemon & Rosemary, Avocado & Lime. Exploring and experimenting with new flavours is how we stay creative and excited and we are always open to your suggestions!


In every aspect of our production we strive towards the most sustainable option. When available, organic ingredients are always used for our ice cream. We partner with a local roasting house to serve organic, fairtrade coffee. 

We utilize eco-friendly and compostable packaging for our to-go boxes and cups for ice cream and coffee.

As an additional commitment to our planet, and for our eco-minded customers, we also produce a line of vegan flavours, which are available daily.


Mon-Fri 13-21

Sat-Sun 12-21


Andebakkesti 4, 2000 Frederiksberg

+45 20 97 94 20